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The Bird Birds is created by Dive, Flap, Preen (DFP) Studios

The Comic:

The Bird Birds:

The Bird Birds is a semi-educational funny webcomic about semi-anthropomorphized birds and their daily lives created for all ages. From crows singing rhymes to podcasting chickadees, from warbler witches to techno turkeys, The Bird Birds has it all. The first strip was created on May 25th, 2021, and was published to the web on February 22nd, 2023.

The Creator:


Devon is a kid who lives in California and also runs Kingdom: Animalia - A Zoology Podcast for Kidsa for kids by kids animal podcast hosted by him and co-hosted by The Bird Birds' star chickadees, Chet and Cap, and Where Are the Chickadee Brothers?, a for kids by kids audio adventure staring Chet and Cap. His favorite birds are American Crows and Chestnut-backed Chickadees. He first created the strip featuring our beloved, birdy gang in free time at school when he was 10 on May 25th, 2021, and he's been at it ever since. (He doesn't actually have a Scarlet Macaw as shown in the drawing. See the "Organa Breaks the Fourth Wall" story arc. He was shown first here.)


The Cast:

Cap Chickadee:

Cap is a Black-capped Chickadee who is a recurring character in a lot of different strips who's been here from almost the beginning. He's Chet's adopted brother and co-host of "The Chickadee Brothers Podcast". His favorite food is peanuts. He's obsessed with caps and is always wearing his trademark black cap with the letter C on it which if he pulls up will reveal an infinitly growing tower of caps first revealed in the "The Floridian Chickadees" story arc. He debuted here.

Chet Chickadee:

Chet is a Chestnut-backed Chickadee who is a recurring character and was in The Bird Birds since the very first strip (in the "Battle of The Bird Bands" story arc). He loves sunflower seeds and co-hosts "The Chickadee Brothers Podcast" with his adopted brother, Cap. He's funny, like his brother, but is a bit less silly and has better social skills then his cap obsessed counterpart.

Gully Gullsup:

Gully is a California Gull who is a recurring character. He is obsessed with all food but his favorite is hotdogs. He's always hungry and whenever he sees food he opens his mouth as wide as needed and activates his vacuum suction and sucks it all up. He first appeared in the Sunday strip "The Wonderful World of Trash".

Chris Cronison:

Chris is an American Crow and recurring character. He loves to make up new songs but they aren't all that original. He has a series of strips where he's repeatedly cawing and then another bird comes along and says he should do a new one — suggesting a different theme. He always manages to come up with something that rhymes with "caw" whether it be singing "I once ate a burger raw! Raw! Raw!" as an adventure story or singing "Flaw! Flaw! Flaw!" as the Blues. Here is where he was first featured.

Quin Quackerton:

Quin is a Mallard duck and recurring character. All he ever says is some variation of "Quack" and has a tendency to be very sensitive and have very little patience. If someone annoys him just slightly he will loudly quack in their face. He first appeared in "The Floridian Chickadees" story arc. Not to be confused with all the other talking and quacking male Mallards featured in The Bird Birds.

Cheeto Columban:

Cheeto is a feral pigeon (blue barred then blue T-check morph) and recurring character. He loves collecting trash whether it be food wast to eat or just inedible trash to add to his collection and often competes with Gully Gullsup. He's Nacho's husband, and though he appeared in a few Gully strips, his name wasn't revealed untill the story arc of him and Nacho's wedding. He was first featured here with Gully.

Nacho Coo:

Nacho is a feral pigeon (blue barred morph). She likes food crumbs and is Cheeto's wife. Her wedding "ring" was a glazed donut with sprinkles. She first debuted in the strip of her and Cheeto's wedding.

Titerson Chickatit:

Titerson is an Oak Titmouse and recurring character. She is a famous singer and is an avid podcast listener—one of her favorites is Chet and Cap’s “The Chickadee Brothers Podcast”. She first debuted in this daily strip.

Gobblington Gobbler:

Gobblington is a Wild Turkey and recurring character (especially around Thanksgiving). He is an accomplished musician/singer in many fields. He is also a member of the "Game Bird Protest club" formerly the "Meat Bird Protest club" (not to be confused with the other former Meat Bird Protest club turkey of 2021). He was first featured here.

"The Junco":

'The Junco' is a nameless Dark-eyed junco and recurring character. He was first featured in the winter The Bird Birds arc of 2021. He is a lover of winter and avid hockey player, figure skater, skier, sledder, snowbird builder, and snowball fighter. He is also quick to brag about hanging out in the snow to a Canada Goose who flys south for the cold season.